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Reframing Fed Interest Rate Hikes

A lot of your framing on the Fed’s interest rate hikes is that the Fed is intentionally trying to cool the economy by throwing us into a recession (which I agree that it is). However, your framing of these actions assumes that the Fed’s artificially low interest rates that we’ve been living with for the last couple decades is the real baseline and that it’s artificially raising interest rates. Wouldn’t a more accurate framing be that the Fed’s artificially low interest rates caused malinvestment across the economy (I.e., and subsequently jobs that would not have otherwise existed with more normalized interest rates) and the recent Fed actions are actually just bringing us back to reality to where we otherwise would have been had they not artificially lowered rates to begin with?

Fitness Recommendations

Saagar, in your Thursday monologue on the Live King Scandal, you mentioned how big fitness and health were to you, and that you put a lot of effort into following all the latest trends. What are your top recommendations for Fitness Podcasts, data research, and trusted accounts?

Spotify Wrapped

Can you guys give us the rundown on what you listened to the most of in 2022?

The Roast of Krystal and Saagar!

For a live show, would you each be willing to team up with a comedian like Andrew Schulz and Aakash Singh who would help you write jokes and you guys do a 5 min roast of each other? Love you guys.

Corporate profits vs 401k performance

How is it that corporations are making record profit but my 401k has been performing poorly (-16.95% over last year ending sept 30th). I would think these should be tied together. And within that I’m young so I have 80% in aggressive growth (vanguard small cap value index fund-admiral) which has actually lost less (-8.98% over year) compared to my more conservative fund (T.Rowe price retirement 2050 fund) at -21.19%. I know the 2050 fund in itself does more aggressive investing now and tapers itself towards more conservative investments but all this seems kind of backwards. I’m an engineer not an economist but I thought I had a decent grasp of the system. I’m not too worried about it as I view it has my contributions are able to buy more shares at the lower price but I worry about my parents who are in the midst of retiring and have lost a lot of savings