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UAW local 12 Toledo

Hey, UAW local 12 jeep toledo The discussion on Counter Points you guys have right after the Biden visiting the picket line video today. The one about "right to work" and all that please release it on YouTube! I want to share it with my friends and family as a recruitment tool. I think it is such a perfect example of how you all take journalism seriously and a neutral, this is how it is, perspective. There are some people in my own union that really need to hear this discussion.  Please and thank you!

What can be done to stop government shutdowns?

Am I the only one who thinks that there’s gotta be a better way to fund the government. Maybe we should pass a law where a CR automatically kicks in if a new budgets is not reached. Or is there political value to a shutdown that I am failing to see?

Digital Assets and Distributed Ledgers

Can you talk to Charles Hoskinson about how many new innovations in tech and finance have given us the capability to have more transparency in our government spending or even things like voting at a time when institutional trust is at an all-time low? Please also explain your take on the assertion that inflation is a hidden tax that disproportionately affects those with the lowest financial standing. When viewed through that lens, wasteful government spending can and should be monitored and exposed by independent journalists like yourselves. I think aside from a very select number of national security-related items, all the actual spending of our tax dollars should be easily accessible and itemized on a public decentralized ledger.

What is the cause of the failures of Liberal cities?

A common critique of the failures of cities like Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles is that the Government is too far left. As someone who shares a political perspective with Krystal, I find that explanation reductive. It all seems like a result of neoliberalism and/or late stage capitalism, however I don’t know for certain. What are each of your ideas of why these liberal cities seem to be failing?

Addendum to previous comment ukraine military aid

Just an addendum to the previous comment pointing out Saagars factual error in reportign that the US has given "the vast, vast majority of all military aid Ukraine" Of The 50 or so billion that makes up the non us militayr aid to ukraine, the only nonEuropean country that makes a listed contribution is Canada, at 1.66 billion. If you take off the military aid from EU institutions, european military aid is about equal to us aid, but that support from eu insitutions (that buys military equipmet for ukraine) is real support, it doesnt just come from thin air, it has to come somewhere, and its not coming from the US or Asia, its coming from Europe. Either way there is no universe where "the vast vast majority of military aid comes from the US" That is just obviously a completely fictious statement (vast majority implies like 80 or 90% and its pretty questionable if you can even get to a simple majority for US aid) This is proving Saagars claims need to be taken with skepticism, and maybe Breaking points would be well served hiring a fact checker. Independent media can do better than this