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Gathering of the Kyles

Krystal, My town (Kyle, TX) is having its second annual Kyle Fair May 17-19 and one of the events at the fair is the gathering of the Kyles. They are trying to set a Guinness Book record for the most Kyles gather in the same place at once. Can you pass the word to your Kyle and see if he can make? Kyle, TX is about 20 miles south of Austin so it’s not a terrible commute once you get to Austin. Big fan of the show. Thank you.

Scott Ritter's take on Iran's attack on Israel

From what you have been reporting about the attack on Israel by Iran, which is somewhat close to how many other news sites, have you looked at Scott Ritter's analysis of Iran's attack on Israel and how effective it actually was? I ask you and anyone who reads this to look at some of his analysis on how Irans response was extremely effective at letting both the US and Israel know how capable their military abilities are. Basically, the 99% of drones/missiles shot down were decoys but 5 of the 7 missiles that were targeting Israeli military base was able to penetrate the most secure base "in the world", according to Ritter, and strike the very base that carried out the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria.

Biden wants us to be pulled into a war?

Do you believe that Biden wants us to be pulled into war, just so he can try to save his election? In the past, Presidents would try to get into wars before the election so they can say “Vote for me to keep us safe.” I believe Biden is so delusional that he is hoping for this. He is hoping to be pulled into the Israeli Iran war. Do you agree or not? Love what you do, please keep up the good work. Thanks.

Personal Weakness

This question is for Krystal and Saagar. What part of your personality do you feel is your biggest weakness when it comes to covering the news? Do you actively try to work against that trait, or do you embrace it? Keep up the great work! #2.0M_subs! #JRE_soon?

Introducing The Pod To The Hard Right Or The Hard Left

Growing up in the middle of east Texas it is often hard to find peers that have the ability to acknowledge and investigate nuisance when it comes to politics. My family and friends are nearly equally divided into one of the two current categories: Maga and Blue no mater who. I myself consider myself to be a right leaning libertarian, with numerous conflicting political stances for both sides. I felt lost politically for most of my adult life until I found this podcast, and I mean that with all sincerity. I often disagree with both Emily and Saager as well as Krystal and Ryan, but love the ability to explore both sides of an issue. I want my family to course correct from absorbing and spreading information from sources like Truth Social, CNN, FOX, TikTok, and Facebook, and rather explore sources like BP. How do I introduce nuisance and alternative media sources to the conversations? These family members I speak of are mostly college educated, very smart, and often open minded, but rebuke and refuse to even glance at alternative narratives and opinions on the topic of politics. In my right wing family I am often looked at as a liberal, and on the left leaning side of my family a neocon. I can’t understand the disconnect but any advice would be greatly appreciated!