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Premium Member Receiving Ads in YT Feed

I'm a Premium Member, and I periodically get fed Ads by YouTube in my Premium feed... Especially if I pause the feed for an extended period. This is only periodic, not consistent, but it is bothersome in something I pay to get Ad-free! Can this be fixed?? Thank you, Allan

Lifetime Member Ghosted!

I am a lifetime member and bought tickets to live show in Chicago. I have emailed James 3 times with no response. I only asked for reimbursement for 1 ticket. Ironically I fell ill, ended up giving away my tickets for free to a person in the comment section of the Vanguard Show. I will send a 4th email with little hope, not a friendly way to treat the people who backed you from day one!

Complete Show?

Four times per week, I would receive an email with a link to the FULL Breaking Points show, but for a few weeks, I have not received the emails. Every April, since 2021, I renew my yearly subscription, so my subscription has not lapsed. Please advise! I have missed the uninterrupted version! Thank you….

Live show video

Any live show video for premium subs?

Lily Loncar

Great show Krystal and Saager. I've followed you both when you were still on "The Rising." So happy when you broke out on your own. I've been paying $10 per month since shortly after you created 'Breaking Points' but I don't have a log in to watch the show uninterrupted. Being a boomer, I'm still a bit of a techno-peasant. Can you send me instructions on how I can watch the show? Thanks,. Keep up the good work.