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Live Performance Meet and Greet

Hey K &S, I'm a lifetime member but haven't received any info on the meet and greet at the live show in NYC. I've emailed a few times but haven't heard back. How should I proceed? Looking forward to it

Corporate profit rates

You mention that corporate profits are at all-time highs, but this seems meaningless unless it is analyzed as a percentage of revenue. In other words, a profit dollar amount could be higher year over year, but without having the percent-comparison of expenses versus revenues, this isn't super meaningful. A stagnant profit rate would still be a higher number YOY when accounting for inflation. I'm all for bashing on corporate greed, but it would be nice to have a more complete picture.

Sperm Count decline

Would love to hear more discussion about this. Read Shanna Swan's book "Countdown" and it is very concerning

Uncomfortable Bill

What bill could the House Republicans passed that would make Democrats in the Senate uncomfortable? Mine is pass a bill that would not allow lawmakers, their families and staff to trade stocks.

Future Live Shows

What other cities are you planning to visit in 2023? Do you have a dream venue? And are you planning to come to California, specifically the Bay Area?