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Could GOP elites change delegate rules to favor DeSantis?

I read an excellent piece in Politico highlighting the delegate process in the 2024 primary and how it could play out. Trump essentially benefits in some winner-take-all states like Ohio, but not in states like NY or possibly FL. Considering elite support for a candidate like DeSantis, could party officials tweak the delegate rules against Trump, or does he still have a hold on the party down to the state level to protect himself from that? My dad and I have been watching since Rising in April 2020! Much love from Florida. <- Article

Dems primary move a mistake?

Do you think that moving the primary away from Iowa first is a mistake. I realize that the establishment Democrats are rigging it for them, but do you think it’s going to be a mistake and sending a bad message saying they don’t care about middle America? As an Iowan with Iowa First, it makes “fly over country” more relevant and makes the candidates give a damn about our values.

Love the decorations on set!

Not a question, but wanted to say I love the decorations on set! Happy Holidays!

Twitter vs Bolsonaro

What do you think of Elon Musk's tweets about Twitter's role in the Brazilian presidential election?

Order in which states vote

Could you please explain how it became the practice of America to allow states to vote in a specific order to select each parties candidate as apposed to all of us voting at the same time? This practice seems intentionally undemocratic in my eyes Also I very much enjoyed the Chicago live show! Thank you for coming to our city. I thank you for giving the American public unbiased news that I am proud to support. It truly brings tears to my eyes that I even have to state such a sentence. Though, Lord knows it's more than needed. I will forever be a customer of Breaking Points. You are very appreciated, much love to you guys.