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Cutting the Premium Show into Segments

The way your public YouTube page is broken into segments is amazing - I can get the information I need without having to search through full episodes. But many of the public clips are shortened. Would it be possible to do something like this with the premium content? It would make a huge difference to people who are listening on the go and are short on time!

Assange, but Snowden?

Why do we care about Assange now but not Snowden?

11/14 FTX Smoke=Fire SAAGAR - get the story!!!

11/14 FTX story. Saagar: consider pursuing my observation on YT about the GC of FTX hired in early August! There's smoke there. Investigate whether they hired him because SBF KNEW he was exposed criminally for "borrowing" from customer accounts at FTX by his gf to cover losses. That's just too convenient.

The Jones act!!!

I know this isn’t the hot topic of the day. Please do your research on this law and do your part to get rid of it. It’s not only anti consumer but anti common sense. It might be the most impactful law we could get rid of that could help the American economy in this time of uncertainty.


I listened to today's overview of the railroad workers. I've heard the amazing interviews putting a face on the rail workers and how heartbreaking it is for them and their families. I'm curious if K&S have a take on putting a face on the railroad oligarchs — Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway is, if not the largest, among the biggest railroad oligarch. How does Warren Buffett escape public shaming after having this persona advocating on billionaires paying more taxes (as a percent of income) than their administrative support. Isn't this blatent hipocracy?