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Nancy Pelosi and Republic Fundraising

Hey Kyrstal and Saagar, I'm a college student and longtime big fan of the show. I was curious with Nancy Pelosi stepping down as Speaker, if you think it'll effect Republican fundraising abilities? I ask because Republicans heavily weaponize Nancy Pelosi rhetoric for fundraising purposes and I wonder how they'll cope with that being less of a pressing reason to donate against. Thank you for what you do, it gives me hope

High School Visit

Have you considered expanding your “empire” into education? My high school has a studio for radio and digital arts. If you recorded a show and had a live performance, young people would really engage with your message and it could inspire healthy information ecosystems in our collective future

Effect of Child Tax Credit on child maltreatment

Hi! Emailing you all from cold, dark, snowy Alaska! Not a question, just wanted to pass along this article from June 2022. Krystal, you may have seen this when researching for your most recent monologue on child tax credit, but still wanted to share! The study found “EITC and CTC payments were associated with lower state-level rates of child maltreatment reports. For each additional $1000 in per-child EITC and CTC tax refunds, state-level rates of reported child maltreatment declined in the week of and 4 weeks following refund payments by an overall estimated 5.0% (95% confidence interval = 2.3%–7.7%).” Link to article: Thanks for your show - it has added so much value to my life. Sarah Thibodeau

Effective Altruism - Largest owner of US Rail - Warren Buffett, chairman\CEO, Berkshire Hathaway (2008 $87 -> 2021 $319 per share)

Why do you think there is no mention of Warren Buffett's ownership of US railroads, and Berkshire Hathaway influence in union negotiations? In 2008 Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class B stock (RR) was trading at $87 - today it's $319, Fox Business and CNBC said Unions were given 24% increase, but this is over 5 years including a 2 year retroactive COLA. During the Obama's administration, Buffett was critical of the US tax rate claiming that he paid a lower tax rate then his secretary. Could this be another example of "Effective Altruism".


What won’t you do a good faith discussion of veganism? The benefits to personal health, the planet and the animals seem to be fairly undisputed. It’s a good way not to participate with some bad monopolies. I don’t get it.