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Lifetime Member Ghosted!

I am a lifetime member and bought tickets to live show in Chicago. I have emailed James 3 times with no response. I only asked for reimbursement for 1 ticket. Ironically I fell ill, ended up giving away my tickets for free to a person in the comment section of the Vanguard Show. I will send a 4th email with little hope, not a friendly way to treat the people who backed you from day one!

The New School Strike

Hi Krystal and Saagar, Wondering if you'd consider covering the strike at The New School? It's such an ironic and hypocritical turn of events. Pretty devastating for the part time faculty and students that the admin has walked away from negotiations. I'm a loyal listener and subscriber. My son, who is a freshman at The New School turned me on to you guys and Matt a couple years ago and I'm so grateful to be free of mainstream media! Best, Monica Young

Emily and Ryan.

Can you get Emily and Ryan on for a second day during the week? I have been a fan for many years and a subscriber since day one, and I have a hard time getting through your shows since the election. Krystal has another podcast, which is terrible, due to her co-host. I don't know if she's stealing his cringe views and bringing them to BP, but I have had a very difficult time listening to her for the past four weeks. Emily and Ryan have been more balanced and entertaining.

Money to Ukraine

In today's show you addressed European countries complaining about the U.S. profiting from the war in Ukraine. Then you compared U.S. funding of the war to other countries. The angle that seemed to be missing that connects these two is the one that covers the transfer of public funds to corporations (working class to rich) that these two pieces of information reflect. Maybe the citizens of other countries where there is better social infrastructure wouldn't tolerate their money being used in this way as we do. Could you consider coverage more from this perspective to help inform the U.S. population of the misuse of their tax dollars?

How to Steal the Election from the Election Denying Insurrectionists

Much of public discourse for the past two years has featured figures on the right claiming the 2020 election was stolen, and figures on the left, right, and center insisting the claim is untrue. I appreciate how you've covered it and I hope reasonable voices continue to win out. However, I'm concerned that the Dems might overcorrect. Donald Trump isn't the only one who's claimed that voting machines were rigged. Stacey Abrams has been pushing the same crap. Hillary Clinton said in an ad for in Oct this year that "Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election." Dems have droned on and on about January 6th, insisting it was a coup and an insurrection (as if those people had any hope of overthrowing the government - feds aside). But Democrats did the same crap in the Wisconsin state capitol in 2011, complete with state Senators using escape tunnels. It seems the Republicans will inevitably nominate the Election Denier in Chief, but maybe we still have a chance with the Dems? How do we get the Dems to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to realize they're vulnerable to the same delusions? If they decide instead to fight crazy with crazy, then everyone - everyone - will lose.