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Completely Biased Coverage of anti-lockdown protests in China

How come the Chinese anti-lockdown protesters were described as heroes and lauded for their bravery, but the American anti-lockdown protesters and Canadian truckers just a few months ago were treated with extreme skepticism and coldness? How come the Chinese lockdowns were completely unreasonable and unacceptable, but the Western lockdowns were great and anyone who questions them is a right wing extremist? Krystals comments regarding the Chinese protesters are completely different from her comments regarding the Canadian truckers. Absolutely disgusting. This channel has drifted more and more towards the establishment narrative since its inception. The coverage of Ukraine and January 6th is especially bad. America is not under attack by the filthy commie Russians, nor by the uneducated white trash anti-vaxx rednecks who are too stupid to understand "the science". America is under attack by corporations, billionaires, globalists, the democrats, the republicans, and mainstream media journalists. The freedom-hating Russians and the filthy science hating redneck conservatives are the least of our problems. Krystal and Saagar are not any better than the anti-vaxxers or the MAGA "extremists".

Rent payments now being sent to credit reporting companies

My sister sent me a disturbing letter the tenants in her building received from their landlord's management company stating that starting Jan 1st, rent payment history will be reported to Transunion. They tried to pass this off as helping tenants improve their credit scores. Dubious. I have not even heard anything about this on the news and I had never heard of rental tenants having their payment history reported. How is this legal? I know they can access your credit score for the application, but to maintain it once you're living there? Have you heard of this?


Greeting from Canada. I appreciate the professionalism of the show including the impeccable wardrobe, the beautiful set and of course the table (well worth the money in my opinion). I've noted an increase in the use of the F word around the midterm elections (in particular during the live shows). It certainly helps convey emotions; I just wonder if it's necessary? Certainly, you have the freedom to be as profane as you want to be. I just worry about the overall product. With kind regards, Peter Bialy

Elite Topics That The Masses Can't Handle

Can you explain the main points of contention that law makers debate behind the scenes that aren't sexy enough or aren't seen as politically advantageous enough to share with voters in public? How is the sausage really made? I have a sense that despite their messaging, Democratic leadership is significantly more deficit hawkish than they let on.

Iraq-State of The Country Informed with US Involvement

Hey Y’all I would deeply appreciate if you did a segment on Iraq. What is our involvement, what is the plan, how is it going. Basically a State of the Union on what is happening in Iraq in terms of our invasion and occupation. Thank you so much for your hard work.