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What Would Happen If Rail Workers Still Refuse To Work?

If the government tries to force the railroad workers to take the deal offered by their bosses, what would happen if they continued to refuse? Would the workers be dragged to their posts at gun point? Would they be thrown in jail? Wouldn't the spectacle of consequences further help them illustrate their difficulty to the American people? Thanks guys. I love what you're doing, Daniel

Seize the Corporate Media

The legacy media knows it's dying. You guys are growing and have extremely wide appeal. Have you considered courting corporate media? Of course, you'd demand to retain your ability report and speak however you like, but I see a potential to magnify your platform, and bring direly needed fresh blood and direction to network news. You could always walk away if they got pushy, and you'd still have all of us and probably many more. More money for everyone, more reach and influence for your mission/ideals. Have any of the networks approached you? Do you see any realistic path along these lines?

Crypto Guys?

Thanks to Saagar for sharing his story of crypto loss. In that segment, I was struck by the repeated references to all of the "guys" who are facing similar losses. What portion of the market for crypto is made up of men? Why do you think males in particular have been interested in crypto?

Do you like this musical idea?

I'm writing a musical satirizing performative diversity in corporate media. We just filmed our opening number 'Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad' -

college suicides

I work at a large university. We've had more suicides this semester than the previous 4 to 5 years combined. All fingers and toes a single semester, and there's a few weeks left. Have you hears of this?