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Confused by the use of the word "populist"

Politicians only win by being more popular than their opponents; isn't "populism" just baked into the cake of democracy? What does it mean to refer to a specific policy or politician as "populist" within the context of a democracy? What's an example of a policy that you would consider "populist" vs one that isn't? BTW, went to the NYC show last night and it was fantastic. Love you guys.

When it's monologue time, how do you decide who goes first?

When it's monologue time, how do you decide who goes first? Also, why isn't "What are your points" a thing? :D

Child Tax Credit logistics

Krystal brings up child tax credits quite a bit. I don't have children yet, but I'm curious how they work logistically. I was told that they are basically front loading any tax refunds you would get in April in the form of an upfront check. Essentially, are the checks just money up front and then deducted off of what you might have been owed or owe on your taxes?

1912 Election all over again.

Could you guys see a scenario in which the 1912 election happens again in 1924?

Mainstream media is upset they didn't get the Twitter files

It seems like mainstream media is upset they didn't receive the leaked files to share with the public. Instead, independent media journalists are receiving and controlling the dissemination. Jack Dorsey and many in the media are calling for a mass dump which seems like they want it to all be dumped then get lost in the fray and have it all go away and be forgotten quickly. It seems like Elon is teaching a masterclass on how to slowly get key highlights out without a filtered bias and to keep it in the news cycle longer. I am curious on your thoughts.