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Is The Intercept channel news trustworthy ?

On the Counterpoint show I heard Ryan Grim mentioning The Intercept many times as a source. I gave it a shot and start to like the intercept channel until I saw they never made an article about FTX CEO since the fiasco happened. Then later I learned The intercept received donations from FTX. Clearly it loooks they censcored their news channel because of money. I beleive they not so different from mainstream media now. Am I wrong about them ? Will be nice to know what Krystal and Saagar think about The Intercept ? If they are not so trustworthy why Ryan keep mention them as a source on the counterpoint show ?

Nuclear power

I’m wondering if you two have watched the Three Mile Island show on Netflix. Given the ineptitude and corruption of the Bechtel Corporation and its coziness with the NRC (not to mention the inherent dangers of the materiel itself,) how can you support and promote such a scheme? One wonders why you seem so blinded to these dangers. Human error cannot be removed from any operational system and the pandemic and Chernobyl ought to have taught you this lesson. Please review your position and wake up to the most dangerous industry EVER.

Stock buybacks

There seems to be a common theme every time you guys talk about company malfeasance. Supply chain issues, railroad strikes, formula shortages, and lack of innovation from American companies seem to always come back to stock buybacks. Krystal mention this used to be illegal (until 1982). It also seems like that tax cut in 2017 was supposed to innovate, but all the sudden the stock market shot up. How exactly do stock buybacks work? How did this become legal in the first place, and how does Congress stop it? I feel like Katie Porter's whiteboard would be useful here. Thanks for what you do on the show.

Sam Brinton Story

Just wondering what I am missing with this story about sam brinton and his felony charges and whether biden will fire him. This is a story I heard about through my 65 year old fox news watching mom, and I went to debunk it and it seems legit. Can you cover this even just to debunk it. I can't find any sources I trust covering it

Free Speech vs Social Media Profit Incentive

Hey guys, big fan of the show! How can Freedom of Speech coexist with the profit incentive of social media companies to maximize time on app? Youtube accidentally made a lot of people think the Earth is flat and Twitter accidentally made a lot of people believe in QAnon because the most insane stuff gets the most engagement. Seems like the "shadow bans" and limiting reach of these fringe ideas is the only way for these platforms to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. Curious on your thoughts about the intersection of speech, profit, and the fringe.