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NY Times union protests

This week Ryan joked about crossing the picket line by using material from the NY Times. Do you feel any need to express solidarity with your fellow journalists at the Times, or do you view this as pretty different from Amazon and Starbucks? How would you feel if CNN employees used union action to protest against the new direction their management is allegedly pushing?

Complete Show?

Four times per week, I would receive an email with a link to the FULL Breaking Points show, but for a few weeks, I have not received the emails. Every April, since 2021, I renew my yearly subscription, so my subscription has not lapsed. Please advise! I have missed the uninterrupted version! Thank you….


Have You looked into what happend to the mmtlp stock this week?

Can we talk about Grant Wahl?

Grant Wahl was an amazing journalist. He was uncompromising in his duties as he saw them, including both his accountability and responsibility to his readers. I find it quite reasonable to question his death as he was a thorn to both FIFA and Qatar in recent days. What are your thoughts on how the media (corporate v independent/Breaking Points) is likely to proceed here and what is a reasonable expectation of the outcome?

Live show video

Any live show video for premium subs?