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How do you feel about the Unions getting their pensions bailed out?

You guys seems to be very Pro Union and anti corporate especially Krystal. When the government is having to bail out private union pension funds to the tune of billions of dollars how can you support them but constantly knock corporate bailouts. Seems the unions are doing risky investments or Ponzi schemes hoping for big returns knowing the government will step in and bail them out with taxes from both union and non union members. So union members are paying twice for their pension while working class non members are subsidizing it with risk of not having their own retirement in Social Security available to them.

How much longer?

Hello, I was introduced to your show earlier this year on the Rogan podcast and have recently become a premium subscriber. I was wondering what your plans are for the counter-points portion of the show. How long will they continue to be a mainstay in your weekly content?

New York Times

I subscribe to Breaking Points to get news that the mainstream either does not report or spins to fit their narratives. Why - why - why - is Ryan Grimm giving us so many New York Times stories and basically reporting their reporting with a little more reporting on it? If I want to read the NYT I would.

Live AMA

Would you guys ever consider doing a live Q and A session or some other form of live discussion with your audiences at your live shows?

Marc Fogel

How does Marc Fogel’s case differ from Brittney Griner? Why was he not considered wrongful detained but Griner was?