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Information on breaking points

Why does breaking points not have a website? Where do I get information about y’all like where are y’all located? What exactly is a live show?

Hunter Biden, can we get the fact on his photos please?

I keep hearing from conservative media, that one of the issues with the photos is that it implicated Hunter in pedophilia and cocaine. Can we please get a fact check. To my knowledge, no such conversation has been had on breaking points, other than that they were nude photos.

Presidential Primaries

Thank you guys for everything you do, I love the show. I know you have recently covered Biden changing the primary schedule to benefit himself. Why wouldn't the parties move to have multiple states on the first primary day? That way, no one state would have a disproportionate amount of power, and the entire country could be better reflected. For example, have: Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, and California all vote on the first Tuesday. Thank you and have a nice holiday season!

Krystal, Why attack the black community for finally getting a say in the primaries?

A predominately black voter group has never been able to participate and choose primary candidate within the first two primaries. The winners who have an outsized chance of winning the nomination. Why are you going on a tirade, belittling our one candidate that we finally get a chance to pick after 150 years at the onset of the election process? You'll wonder in a few months on why there's no deep connection to the progressive movement within the black community.

End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act 

Senator Jeff Merkley from my state just introduced a bill to combat hedge funds from buying up single family homes in America. I’ve noticed there is zero coverage on this from main stream news organizations so far. Do you think this bill is doomed to fail? I would love to hear your analysis of this bill as it sits.