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BS in Political Speeches

The number of times I’ve heard a politician repeat the phrase “When I was a kid, my mother/father used to tell me…” and then some profound quote that perfectly matches the topic of the political speech, has made me wonder— to what extent are politicians typically involved in the speech writing process? Are these anecdotes true and the majority of politicians just benefited from being raised by incredibly wise parents? Or is it common practice in DC for politicians and speech writers alike to just pull things like this out of their asses? I just heard it twice in one week— Joe Biden in his debt ceiling speech, and Kamala Harris on Jennifer Hudson’s daytime television show. Thought y’all might have some insight on this after so many years in the DC world.

Hey guys

The fact that Krystal won't address the numerous questions and well-founded concerns around her conduct during the RFK Jr. interview speaks volumes. Skinny ties? How dumb and superficial do you think we are?!

Student loan debt relief

I was wondering after listening to your shows about inflation why absolving people of their legitimate debt would help lower inflation. You guys have emphasized multiple times that the issue is people have too much to spend and that is raising prices. You have also contended that Powell’s method to combat inflation would increase unemployment. Wouldn’t forcing people to pay their debts decrease the amount they have to spend while also preserving employment numbers?

Dr. Steven Greer- 100% water engine; Stan Meyer mysterious death.

When will you have an interview series with Dr. Steven Greer? He is a teller of the truth like you guys. You should have multiple on: Stan Meyer and free energy; travel; health, UFO's. His documentaries can be like a rabbit hole, so focus on the big one like energy out of air. He ties this into Nikola Tesla also. You guys are tremendous. Please don't fall out of any buildings.

Housing Crisis

What do anticipate happening with the inflated housing market? Will Gen Y&Z be able to become homeowners? When the boomers start dying will there be a drop in values and hit young new homebuyers who bought in this market will they go underwater on their mortgages? What sort of solution to the housing shortage do you see coming either by government intervention or private market driven scheme?