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Audience engagement

Have you thought about offering a better platform for audience engagement than email and this Q&A section? I think your audience would love it

France is losing its democracy!

Can you fill us in on what you know about the situation there? I would love to hear your opinions on France and how this may affect us here in the States.

Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself

Why won't you acknowledge the RFK Jr interview?

How does one make it into "The Establishment"?

During one of your shows, Krystal said that Nancy Pelosi is backing Adam Schiff and called him a typical "establishment democrat". I assume that means "dominant social group who control the democratic party". How does one make it into such a social circle, democrat or republican? Does merit have anything to do with it? Any history would be appreciated. Thanks

What is one subject that you specialize in, and one that you leave to the other?

Hey guys, I have watched every episode for the past year and love what you do. I've noticed that Saagar is somewhat of a history geek and that Krystal has an accounting background. What is one subject that, whenever it comes up in the news, you say: "I got this one"? On the flip side: what is one subject which you always leave to the other, either because they are better at covering it or you just don't find it interesting?