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H.R. 5

Could you share your thoughts on H.R. 5 (parents bill of rights)? I'm sure it's mostly performative politics, and my own bias is towards transparency, but is there an argument for schools keeping this information secret? Is there some insideous lever buried in the bill? Thank you so much for your work. I'm a father and a veteran, and I consider my subscription an investment in the future for both my country and my daughter.

What would it take?

Between the two of you decide which media conglomerate is the best/worst and assume they wish to purchase the Breaking Points Universe. In exchange, you each get a single policy (or social) change that the nation must adopt and follow. What would you sell out for? (Feel free to coordinate.)

Canadian Intelligence leaks that Chinese Government interfering in multiple Canadian elections

I just wanted to ask what thoughts the BP and CP team had on the controversy up North. Recent CSIS leaks have alleged that China's government has attempted to interfere with Canadian elections both provincially and federally. Both Ontario Conservative MPP and Federal Liberal MP have stepped down from their parties after being directly named in the leaks. Multiple Chinese Consulates have been accused of backing CCP "Police Stations" that target Chinese Nationals in Canada in order to force them to return to China to face trial. These so-called police stations have been operating as far back as at least the beginning of 2022. Trudeau is embroiled in a scandal currently due to him not wanting to go forward with a public inquiry into the matter. I just wanted to know the team's thoughts since TikTok seems to be a hot topic on the show for similar concerns. Does the team have any concerns considering the proximity of the alleged meddling?

Shift From the US Dollar as the World's Dominant Currency

Can you guys dive into the state of the US Dollar as the world's dominant currency? What are the repercussions of Russia beginning to use the Chinese Yuan for International payments instead of the US Dollar and Saudi Arabia potentially doing so as well? What is the likelihood of Saudi Arabia and Iran potentially joining the BRICS countries, and what would that mean? This is starting to be talked about in the mainstream news (CNN, Fox), and I would love both of your analyses of this topic. Thank you!

Nashville Shooting

When are the politicians going to actually start doing something about school shootings? Gun control is not the answer. When is the government on all levels going to take steps? I know neither side wants to do anything because it could interfere with agendas like gun banning. Why doesn’t the government push new technology like Zero eyes? Zero eyes is software developed by half a dozen former Navy Seals. Most schools have 200-300 cameras in them.Most shooters hesitate before starting their rampage but are unaware they are being recorded. Zero Eyes can identify a gun immediately. After it identifies it sends a flag back to a person in real time at an offsite location, similar to how ADT security works, who has access to all the school cameras. Once a real person verifies the threat they contact the school to let them know the exact location of the shooter and tracks their movement. If local law enforcement sets up a QRF (quick reaction force), that team would have been inbound to the school before that shooter made it to the front door, because Zero Eyes would see it. Keep a resource officer at the main entrance, keep a second officer in an undisclosed room to monitor the cameras and update everyone. A QRF team is not a hard thing to establish. The military has had them for decades. Troops would take turns just sitting in a room on standby all day waiting for the call. Their gear is ready and the trucks are loaded up. You think we didn’t learn how to deal with immediate threats after 20 years of war? The school won’t look like a jail. All measures will be almost invisible. As long as we leave schools as soft targets: threats will keep happening. As soon as shooters realize they will be neutralized in just a couple minutes and they won’t get any glory, they won’t try anymore. Politicians don’t want to help because people won’t flock to the voting booth if they solve the problem. We need to force them to solve the problem with real solutions.