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Thanks for all you do

Loved hearing you both on Joe Rogan. It was great to actually see you since I normally listen to you on Spotify. I just wanted to let you know how much the work you do to provide your listeners a quality program where we can get factual information presented to us with expert analysis while carving out a lane for independent journalism to flourish is appreciated. We need honest voices having intelligent conversations about the issues that are destroying our nation and many others around the world. It takes vision, courage and a great deal of persistence to do what you do. Blessings to you both.


It appears that both Krystal & Saagar agree with Joe Rogan’s advice for both of them to never read member’s posted comments, i.e. “their shit.” Please clarify if posted member comments are ever viewed by staff or is this mainly for members to share with other members. Does more than a few likes get noticed by staff at all?

Feb 19 Washington DC Peace March

Will you be on the ground covering this march?

All Quiet on the Western Front

Hey Saagar, Have you seen the Netflix adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front, or Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old? Since we just passed the centennial anniversary, what makes WWI history, literature and poetry so fascinatingly relevant in 2023? When I was 15, a bad day for me was when I had to run track relays or ask a girl out to the dance. I couldn’t imagine being a child soldier at the Battle of Somme or Passchendale. Thanks for the great show!

Can we actually talk about the Fair Tax?

​As I understand the Fair Tax, there is a "reverse income tax" a UBI check for the taxes an American would pay up to the poverty line. Then get rid of the IRS and payroll taxes. Immigration becomes a nonissue. Corporate loopholes are over.