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Exploding Crime vs. Progressive Policies

New premium subscriber love the show. A consistent pattern of exploding crime has become evident in major cities (like Philly) where progressive liberal policies have reduced prosecution rates and decriminalized many offenses. Where do you see this going in the next 36 months? The violent crime rates continue to spike with no end in sight. Where does this lead?

Medication advertisement

I saw a commercial recently with a young woman that is taking antidepressant medication. There was a line during the commercial where she says “after taking the antidepressants I realized this is what peace feels like.” I’m not saying mental health isn’t a growing issue in the country but I do think that just defaulting to taking medication rather than switch life habits/choices should be emphasized more than medication. I was wondering your thoughts on the over prescribing and advertising of medication in society today. I pasted the link to the commercial below if you want to take a look.

Can you please help correct the media narrative that you suggested needed correcting on June 21, 2022?

On June 21, 2022 you posted a segment titled, "How Media Manufactures Consent On Ukraine Vs Iraq." In it you spoke about how the media focus on the civilian deaths in Ukraine, but barely focused on the civilian deaths in Iraq. It's safe to say the media continues to focus on the crimes and transgressions of our enemies while ignoring our own. For instance, I don't believe I have seen anywhere in the western media, or even on Breaking Points, any stories about how Ukrainian forces have been using NATO supplied weapons, training, and possibly intelligence to target and murder Ukrainian civilians. One ongoing example is in Donetsk. Ukrainian forces have been regularly launching artillery strikes against civilian areas in Donetsk City using weapons like the M777. There are many other examples. Can you please produce a segment on how NATO-backed Ukrainian forces are using NATO supplied weapons and training to terrorize civilians?

Judge Home run

On Counterpoints today Ryan stated that Judge's home run is a "Major League record". Technically that is a true statement since the AL and NL are both within MLB. However Barry Bonds holds the "Major League record" (and National League record) with 73 home runs in a season while Judge holds the season home run record in the American League with 62. Ryan is probably also correct in saying that most of their viewers/listeners are not even aware of the home run race. I will probably be the only one to comment on this. HA! Regards. Todd

Unions vs. Jones Act

As you know, repealing the Jones Act would allow more petroleum products to flow where needed in the US, especially distillate (diesel) which is at critical levels in PADD 1 (North East) heading into a predicted cold winter. However, one reason the Jones Act has not been repealed is due to strong union support. How do you and specifically Krystal (who never met a union she didn't like) feel about the need to repeal this act to potentially save lives by heating homes this winter vs. the lost union jobs this a full repeal would cause.