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Yearly auto renew, I want to cancel but can't get the remainder of my subscription refunded.

There was no option to choose not to auto-renew, it did it automatically June 3rd. I would like to cancel my subscription but I can't get a refund on the remainder. I'm fine with paying the 2months and 2 weeks but I don't want to pay anymore because I can't afford it.

Inflation Reduction Act and American EVs

I am interested in both of your opinions on the updated EV tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act. It seems less like an EV adoption credit and more of an economic protection credit, which I am not opposed to in theory. The biggest potential hurdles seem to be the sourcing of the materials for the batteries and where the batteries themselves are manufactured. Could those hurdles, which are overall meant to help American labor, ultimately kneecap the American auto industry (and in turn labor) due to the fact that they won't be able to immediately transition to qualify and the tax incentive program might sit mostly unused for the first couple years?

Chinese real estate bubble and bank runs

I haven't seen much reporting from you on this topic. What are your thoughts on the situation? It does seem tough to understand what's going on given CCP propaganda and Big Tech censoring on their behalf.

Saagar wrong on eth 6/14/22

I haven’t heard any correction on the full cut show 6/14/22 for your FUD on eth and here is me in the yt comments, “I never make crypto predictions but just because you reported on it with a slant, I’ll say that ETH has a floor of $1200 and it is a great buy right now. This is a brief opportunity and not a sky is falling moment, anyone with an extra $500 should put it in ETH today. Of course I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong but take it from a former math major, it is time to buy.” If anyone had listened to me on that date, they would have almost doubled their investment by now, indeed a close friend bought 2 eth and is reaping those rewards now.

Effective lobby group for millenials/Gen-z'ers

Why do think there hasn't been an effective lobby group created for millenials/Gen-zers? It would seem a similar lobby group to AARP could help facilitate government changes such as reduction in student loan debt, creating affordable housing, and decrease the economic and social anxiety that these generations deal with daily. I'm a gen x, not a boomer Saagar so please hear me out, and I have some memory of when government actually worked for the people. I wish there was something that could be done to give more hope to these generations. Btw, I love both of you. I don't always agree with your opinions but you always make me think. Thank you both of bringing integrity back to the news!