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Did the 2020 protests work? What do you think they accomplished?

How can we encourage NON-establishment candidates to run??

Regardless of party affiliation, how can we encourage, and FIND, a new breed of candidates to run for office?? It’s no surprise that Washington is fundamentally broken. The lack of candidates, with either backbone or integrity on either side is infuriating to so many. It seems impossible to find genuine voices in the crowd. For those who want to consider running, what is the best way to go about this?

Alex Jones When? XD

Why not; you're independent now :D Question: We recognize that saying 'fuckin uh' every other word takes the power from 'fuck', but why not other powerful words? Will there ever be justice as long as we abuse the word 'just' as a filler for 7 different words, including 'um'? Will we ever trust each other as long as we abuse and misuse words like 'literally' while making a simple statement? Why is no one talking about the manipulation and degredation of our language?

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in my city was raised to $15 an hour this year in January. This was a city mandated hike which had been set to take place for a number of years. Do you think efforts like this at the local level would be more productive in the efforts to raise the minimum wage across the country? Since the federal government has shown an unwillingness to do so perhaps local government is the answer? I understand this would be a monumental challenge dealing with the various local and state policies. I am curious to both of your thoughts on the idea.

How to face the fear of democracy?

Democracy is hard work and challenges long and deeply established cognitive frameworks - how to find the courage to leave the comfort of groupthink to rely on our own judgment?