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The Rising’s new hosts

Where you involved in choosing new hosts for The Rising? How did that all happen??


WHERE OH WHERE does Saagar get his ties, especially the floral ones?

Do you think independent media is the future of people’s primary news consumption? Is cable news dying?

With CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News ratings plummeting and not able to meet the demands of younger viewers do you think this is the beginning of an end of an era for cable news? Do you see cable news being people’s prime news source in 20 years or do you think there will be a full switch to independent media like Breaking Points?

Top 3 Things you'd change about America if you could

Thank you!!!

I'm high school government and politics teacher and my students the last 2 years became addicted to our Friday "The Rising response lesson" where I would take a clip or 2 from the week and we would just discuss and debate them. During quarantine I would upload a video a day for them to respond to. You guys are amazing and it's my pleasure to support you! Thank You! (and screw MSNBC, FoxNews, and CNN.)