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I'm a teacher. What do I need to know about the current state of public education?

State of the Union

I’m wondering how you two continue to have a somewhat positive view of the world and America and believe that honestly a single politician cares about regular people after all the corruption that has been unearthed in both parties, all the terrifying scandals that have plagued basically every major government or even American institution including the FBI, WHO, CIA, CDC, NIH, NSA, big Pharma, big tech…etc. I’ve seen you dig up information that at least circumstantially damns politicians and businessmen and is very straightforward and it ends up doing nothing to them. Scandals are not widely known but actively pushed down by the media. All I see is a burning Hell of lies. Why do you act like any of these people act in good faith literally ever. Krystal is always pushing back against nihilism but I don’t see what light at the end of the tunnel you are seeing?

Medicare for All and Vaccines/Public Health

Do you think extending Medicare for every U.S. citizen would help combat vaccine hesitancy and help rebuild trust in public health departments? I would think if people did not feel like they were "on their own" if there were any complications from the vaccines, they may be more inclined to consider taking the shot. It also seems very odd to me that there has been so little talk about changes to our health care system during a global pandemic. If it can't be discussed now, when? Absolutely love the show. Thank you for all that you do to bring this incredible product to us every week!

Spotify issues

Everyday I have to go to supercast and then click on Spotify for my premium to work. Why can’t it just unlock for good. Just a bit of a hassle because I mainly listen to it while I’m driving

Why is the UFO discussion important?

Why is it important for the government to be transparent about what it knows about UFOs? I'm for transparency, but what are the possible reasons for the government to keep most of this info hidden for the last several decades, and could any of these reasons be legitimate?