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The effect of inflation on the rich

I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts on inflation. For the working class inflation means higher costs in day to day life but how do the rich think about inflation?

The Fourth Branch

Krystal and Saagar, I grew in the days of the Fairness Doctrine and a more reliable form of reporting. I was young, certainly, but it seemed we had more faith in our media. How can we get back to a point where journalism returns to being the Fourth Branch, and keeping checks and balances on our establishment?

Class-Centric News

The chasm of difference between your coverage and cable news coverage of the withdrawal from Afghanistan blew my mind. And Something occurred to me that I thought I should ask. Is news media class-centric? By that, I mean, does cable news only cater to the upper-class perspective on things? I feel like the upper class is happy to continue the war in Afghanistan mainly because of A. They financially benefit from it the most, and B. None of their kids are ever there doing the fighting and the dying. Your coverage exposed how tilted the news media is. A bunch of billionaires paying a bunch of millionaires to convey a message that only ever bolsters the upper class in this country. Thank you for what you do!

Mainstream news coverage of Afghanistan pull out.

During a recent broadcast you guys suggested that the news agencies benefit from a ongoing military engagement in Afghanistan. Please explain what is the relationship between the military industrial complex and mainstream news.

Liberal need to be Authoritarian

Hey guys, you have been talking a lot about how Liberals have downright started to become Authoritarian in wanting to refuse medical care for unvaxed and such. As someone who is pushing 30, to me it makes sense that this stems from whenever we would question our parents or any authority figure, we were frequently met with the answer, “Because I said so” or some variation. This starts the domino effect causing the mainstream(minority really) media to promote this thinking. My question to you, is how do you think show this generation an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? Thank you guys, love the show so much.