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Steven Donziger

How does Chevron get away with not paying when they lost in court? Get Donziger on Rogan.

What does accountability look like for the left?

There's not a wealth of AOCs waiting to come up to bat, and waiting till 2022 to argue about something which happened months ago is too long of a response time. So primarying members of the squad for not fighting in the way they promised / we asked them to seems like a path that would be neither constructive, timely, or effective. So what can we do now to pressure them into a more combative space while the legislative agenda is still in play?

Student Loan Forgiveness

What are the odds of $10k of federal student loans being forgiven? It's interesting to me that Chuck Schumer has joined the progressives on this one and is on Twitter pushing it hard and consistently. If you had to bet - will the pressure amount to anything? Saagar, how do you feel about student loan forgiveness in general?

Live Show?

Do y'all ever plan on streaming the show live? It would make a great addition to my morning routine!


Hey guys. With so much distrust in the news media, I was wondering which media sources you guys get your news from, and who you think is the most reliable. Keep up the good work!