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America's Health & COVID-19

First, this is the best $10 a month I think I have ever spent. Keep up the great work! My question is, and it may be an obvious one, aside from politicizing a global pandemic, how much do you think America's overall health (nutrition & other poor health choices) played a role in how hard we were hit by COVID-19?

Spotify Video issues

So I linked my account through superclass for spotify, I can listen to you guys but I can't see the video. I know you've guys explained it and I have followed to the instructions exactly. Please help!

Hosting Political Debates

Would you guys consider hosting political debates where you bring in two or three candidates at a time and you ask them questions about policy and let them answer with detail and letting the others respond with full thought out answers.

Advice for Young Journalists

I am a young journalist trying to find a way into the industry. I graduated about a year ago right when the pandemic started and I have had a tough time navigating my way into the industry. I understand experience goes a long way and having just graduated from college, I do not have a whole lot. However, I recognize how untrustworthy, unreliable and the outright lies our mainstream media has pushed the past few years. I do not want to be a cog in the machine that constantly adds to our collective outrage. I wanted to ask some simple advice. I do understand things take time, one must work their way through the weeds and be patient. Nevertheless, I find myself not getting anywhere time and again. maybe you two might have some sound advice that could spur some ideas for a young journalist to get started.

Right to Repair

Would you guys be willing to cover the Right to Repair movement? Louis Rossman is starting to gain traction on the topic and a shout out from you guys would go a long way for an important topic.