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"Data Person" Position (as announced in Austin Live Show)

How to apply for the "data person" position??

Diesel Prices

Saagar, You talk a lot about gas prices and the coverage is great but when going into detail about price break down and how it affects the population you never go into diesel prices directly. As someone who drives a diesel vehicle I have seen static prices well higher than what gasoline prices have been the last 2 years. The last time you spoke about it you stated the national average was $3.40 for gasoline and currently the average for diesel is $4.50. I feel that diesel prices affect the day to day lives more than gasoline prices from the back side of the economy with freight charges, farming costs, shipping costs, and fuel surcharges doubling just due to price increases. Could you speak deeper into how the rise in diesel prices affects daily lives?

New Subscription Member / Transitioning out of Covid-19 Health Emergency Label

Hey all, I became aware of your show Breaking Points recently from watching the JRE episode you were on and instantly became a fan! I just enjoyed the way you all talked about politics and I was actually entertained by the topics... which now and days never happens anymore because the typical news cycle is terrible. After hearing about the bad press you all and Joe went through this past week, I decided that I wanted to endorse your podcast more by buying a subscription. The show already made a big impression on me and how I think about News in general! Biden mentioned that he will release a road map to transition out of Covid-19 health emergency; so my questions is, what are some of the policies and actions that declaring the health emergency brought to US politics in the height of Covid and how would taking away the Health Emergency label affect the way people move forward?

I work in healthcare marketing, the new rule erasing medical debt is bullshit.

I am shocked this is not getting coverage, especially since Biden bragged about it: The new rule "erasing" medical debt under $500 (a laughably low number as an insured person with an ER visit like myself can attest) literally erases nothing. The rule only applies to debt that has been PAID and certified cleared by credit agencies. Basically, it boosts a small number of people's credit score a couple of points, and that is it. The rule is the most "Democrat" thing ever. Can you cover it?

Two NJ Council-members dead

Hey, Krystal/Saagar. My name is Matt. I am a loyal listener to your show. I don't have a question. It's merely something I wanted to mention to you as a news item you might want to bring up on your show. My home state of NJ has had two councilmembers murdered in successive weeks. Neither appears to be politically motivated but both investigations are ongoing. One was from Sayreville, NJ and the other is from Somerset, NJ. Like I said, I thought it was worth a mention for you to potentially include it on one of your shows. Nonetheless, keep up the great work. I wish you nothing but the best moving forward. Matt