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What's a "show vote"?

Hi guys, love the show. I've been a premium sub since day one, and I've been following the show since your days at Rising. Thanks for your honesty and humility in bringing us news coverage. Sometimes you will criticize congresspeople for bringing a vote to the floor when they know it won't pass, slamming it as a "show vote." Other times, you will blast them for NOT bringing a vote to the floor that they know won't pass, as bringing it "would show the American people exactly who's voting against XYZ popular thing" and give fodder for attack ads and the like. When a vote clearly won't pass, what's the move? Bring it to the floor for a vote, or nah? OR does it change based on the circumstances?

SBF Political Donations

Is there any precedence for politicians/PACs receiving money from criminal sources? Considering there is evidence for known political contributions by SBF to politicians using stolen funds, are the recipients required to return those funds? Is there any way to track the dark money contributions claimed to have been made by him?

I listen on spotify but a)it seems its audio ONLY b)how do I hear the others rebuttle?

I listen on spotify but a)it seems its audio ONLY b)how do I hear the others rebuttle?

How to request subscription as a gift?

My family keeps asking what I want for xmas. I'd like to have you guys for the next year while making sure you get paid. I'm not exactly rich so I can't support every single month, and I'm sure you guys would like the year long sub anyway! Love you guys, keep up the good work!

The Paradox of Tolerance

Hey guys — long time listener, supporter and evangelist of BP. You guys often support free speech (as do I). How do you take into account Karl Popper’s theory that a free society cannot be maintained without tolerant people being openly and deliberately intolerant of intolerance? This “paradox of intolerance” is actually a requirement of maintaining a free society and it provides a relatively clear black and white distinction of what sorts of language ought to be censored, if not by the government (bc of the 1st amendment) then by media companies. Thanks! Silly little video explaining