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What are the biggest challenges you face in trying to appeal to a politically diverse audience?

please post your schedule

It gets confusing when shows are missed due to live shows. Could you please post at least a weekly schedule of your show onto this website? Then we can easily see what is supposed to be happening and when during the week. Thanks so much. I was hoping the show started at 10 (I had to go through old emails to get oriented to the regular start time of 11 am)

Our Health and Our Microbiome

Hi Krystal and Saagar, I've enjoyed listening to Breaking Points since your launch and I hope you make it out to the Pacific Northwest soon. Once in awhile you discuss health and wellness issues like the seed oil debate, supplements, and the effectiveness of SSRIs. I'm wondering if you have looked into research on the human microbiome, in particular the bacteria that populate our large intestine. There's a lot of compelling evidence that these bacteria influence our mood, and the FDA just approved the first fecal microbiota transplant for the prevention of recurrent C. difficile infections. The treatment uses good bacteria from a donor to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the patient. Perhaps one key to health is to take care of all the helpful bacteria inside of us. What do you think? Thanks for your engaging show, Ryan Hofer Portland, Oregon Here's a few references:

what is the alternative to mainstream media you imagine?

I have my issues with mainstream media. But I need to say, your criticism and wishing for complete destruction of mainstream media is unwarranted. Almost all your monologues, news analysis, election analysis are derived from New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN the very organizations you despise. Let us say Sagar's wish comes true and New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN cease to exist. How do you guys envision a world where news is reported. Without a vast network of correspondents, photo journalists, video journalists, editors how can we get reliable news? Even your partners like Lever news ( costs 8 dollars a month) has very little original news reporting. Without New York Times , Wall Street Journal and other papers guys like you at Breaking points would have no news report to analyze. I have been a subscriber of Wall Street Journal and New York Times for years. I have to say none of the new media reporting comes to these papers in terms of quality, breadth and accuracy. I see breaking points as an alternative to MSNBC and Fox news, and I see Lever news as an alternative to Daily caller but none of you guys are an alternative to NYT or WSJ as of today. So, I want to ask Sagaar, how do you envision new media filling the shoes of NYT or WSJ? Do you see any advance on that front?


The SBF story reminded me of something you covered early in the Ukraine conflict. It ended up being difficult to sanction Russian oligarchs due to a lack of transparency in the global financial system, with the US being no exception. Do you think the FTX incident could be an opportunity to reopen that discussion? From your coverage, FTX wasn't even doing a competent job at covering their tracks, yet they never would have been caught if not for the unexpected collapse of a large sector of the economy. Is there anyone working in this space we should pay attention to? Is this a good opportunity for populists on the right and left to work together?