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What happened to Jimmy Dore, Tulsi and Tim Pool

First, thank you so much for creating a great show that has encouraged me to think, read and branch out. There's really nothing like it out there! Why have some people like Jimmy Dore, Tulsi and Tim Pool seem to have completely flipped their views? Does "owning the libs" from the left side of the aisle turn into a shift to the right? Or are they (and others) really just individuals with scattered views?

MBS Immunity

What’s your guys take on the relative silence amongst the American mainstream media in regards to the Biden administrations decision to give immunity to MBS in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi after a 24/7 coverage and demands for justice during the Trump administration.

"The media"

Hey Krystal and Saagar, Have been a huge fan for almost 3 years now, please come to SF ASAP. I often see Fox News anchors echoing the same phrase "the media" when referring to lack of scrutiny against the Democrats. Assuming this is referring to the likes of MSNBC, CNN, etc., I would expect an OANN or smaller conservative outlet to use this label. Given Fox's size and contribution towards the political divide in this country, aren't they part of the corporate media ecosystem as well? This may or may not have been addressed on your show but would love to get your thoughts on this pattern by Fox.

On Fox and Sports Media

First and foremost, it's been great that you all have been able to actually regularly feature World Cup stories, even if you may not be watching soccer/futbol/association football outside of the World Cups or venture deeply into the space. But I also wanted to make a comment as to how much do you think agency or political decisions affect or influence how the sport is covered. (It's very much so in English. And Fox's problems are so bad that I decided it's best for my mental health to watch either on Telemundo or listen to radio. Link below to World Soccer Talk story. (Generally, the site is one of the better English-language US resources at dealing with the business of the sport here in the U.S. and provides guides as to where people can catch games, select streaming packages, etc.). Being in the industry a bit while I was trying to get my feet stable in finding a full-time job after a first round of grad school, I have friends who have confirmed this happens. And friends who've learned multiple languages and decided they didn't see a path forward on English language television in the U.S. I'd love for this topic to be something (including anti-Latino discrimination and other foibles from the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) to be a topic on Breaking Points or Counterpoints.

Fact Checkers

Fact-checkers are becoming more and more normal to see on social media and throughout the internet. I know you have covered fact-checkers in the past. But I was wondering if there are any plans to do a deep dive in any segment(s) about who is funding fact-checkers, if there is any bias involved during the fact-checking process, why we typically see the fact-checks on very specific people (Russel Brand), etc.