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Social Security Reform

The SSA stated in their 2022 annual report that they will be insolvent (not bankrupt) by 2035. Some fiscally conscious think tanks project this to be sooner with the higher payments due to inflation. With that being said, do you believe SS should be reformed? If so, how would you reform it?

YouTube Capture

Dearest Krystal and Saagar, Is there a way to signal, even in a lowkey way, that you all are not AS beholden to YouTube given the current political climate? I saw your byline, "Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment political and culture show on YouTube featuring hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.", and it just seems the time has come to change "YouTube" to "...numerous video and audio streaming networks..." perhaps. - Just musings from a superfan who appreciates all you do to stand against ideology and idiocy. Always Thankful You Exist, Ryan

Author Guests and Books

First time asker. The program often invites guests on who are promoting their new books. I find many of those segments and authors fantastic and worthy of more attention. Is it possible to compile and list of authors and their books being highlighted on the show, i.e. a BP reading list? Thank you and please keep up the good work.

How does it end

What the hell do we do to stop this escalating violent rhetoric against the LGBTQ community? Enough senseless murder

public square

I hear you guys say that twitter and other social media (by the way social media is neither social, or media) should be treated like a utility/public square, can you go a little deeper there, what might that look like? And similarly, why not treat social media like a media outlet and make those that publish there follow the same rules that reporters must follow?