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Voting on Marijuana

I struggle thinking about state's voting on the legalization of marijuana. I understand the arguments regarding medical benefits to individuals and tax benefits for the states. However, I simply don't feel comfortable with the idea that we simply get to vote on what drugs are safe or not. Shouldn't such a decision come from the FDA? Or do I just have too much faith in the system?

Supreme Court Roe Vs Wade

Historically, there have been Supreme Court reversals on prior highest-tier rulings before (i.e. slavery, voting rights). Does public sentiment sway new rulings, & how often have these checks & balances really been tested with the executive & legislative branches when it came to overturning a ruling from the Judiciary Branch?

Biden & Monopolies

Biden administration has been decent with some monopoly control (such as Albertson’s), but also still horrible in others (Microsoft owning Activison/Blizzard, T-Mobile merging with Sprint, Disney buying every entertainment venue out there, or Comcast’s impending merger, too). Historically a second term with a democratic president seems to bring more controversial mergers to fruition, or another trade deal like NAFTA or TPP being floated. Is there any chance a second term with Biden wouldn’t be exactly the same?

National High-Speed Rail

Krystal & Saagar, Thank you for creating an atmosphere of news that aims at critically & constructively informing the American people. The US lacks a national high-speed rail public rail system. Is this a technology that you both think could be feasible and effective in our country? What do you consider as barriers to consideration and implementation? The American people are indebted to your efforts to bring news that the MSM considers us too dumb to understand. Again, thank you! Abraham Morse

Musk vs SBF

Krystal, why do you compare Musk and SBF as frauds? SBF committed one of the largest scaled frauds ever? Musk has had some questionable business decisions in running twitter. These seem to be far from similar issues, and lessens the magnitude of SBF's wrongdoings.