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Links between economic, racial, gender, & sexual inequalities and the sex work industry

Would love to hear you two discuss the links between the growing wealth divide, student debt, and the sex work industry (everything from pornography to escorting to stripping). I think the statistic is that 1/3 of sex workers have college degrees, but that might be outdated. Please include information about policies in place that make the trade more dangerous for workers (SESTA/FOSTA for instance) and what role stigma plays in this. What do you two think are the solutions and what can be done to support this demographic?

A Townhall of Genuine Problem Solvers

I have pictured a townhall discussion where its you guys with Politicians like Andrew Yang, Bernie S. and others, sorry no one else springs to mind. I would also love it if you include a couple of other journalists like Matt Taibbi, Glenn G and others, Here I could go on and on with the great journalists I have come to know through your show. America needs to know these journalists - It's like Obi wan Kenobi- you are our only hope! I hope you are considering this, the cringingly awful townhalls on CNN and Fox are so bad!!!!

2024 President

If Biden decides not to run or dies, and Kamala is running do you think their will be a large Democratic Primary running against her? Not just including left flank candidates but also someone like Mayor Pete or Amy Kloubachar

Political Party Labels

Would the US government be better off with or without political party labels? It seems like most people vote along party lines but don’t really take the time understand the ideologies of the individual - it’s really “lazy voting” in a sense (I’ve been guilty of it myself). At the end of the day, aren’t we really just voting for an organization that masks itself as an individual?

Really, what does progressive mean in your opinion?

The term progressive gets used a lot but seems to include everything from modestly rogue dems to two party stalwarts like TYT. It feels disingenuous to consider complying with the present political structure as progressive just because someone believes in medicare for all or police reform. How would you define progressive? Thank you, Mary