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The "Experts" Problem

How can we explain to people that we can criticize the mainstream media use of "experts" without necessarily questioning the good use of science and good reporting?

2022 Congressional Elections

Is there any interest in long-form interviews of Congressional candidates in the upcoming 2022 elections?

Overcoming Corporate Media

I feel that corporate media has really damaged our country and our politics, spread ignorance and hate but I have hope because of actual journalists like yourselves. Can you lay out a vision for the future where corporate media loses out to true journalism? Thanks! Mary W


M4A is ultimate goal. We r unlikely to ever get it w/GOP support but also few, if many Dems. Short of a #ForceTheVote but in the face of media and industry opposition, just what hope do we really have in joining the rest of the civilized world with #M4A??

Automatic video upload to Odysee

Have you thought about setting up automatic video sync to Odysee, an open-source Youtube alternative? It would help support a viable Youtube alternative, help you combat Youtube deprioritization, and bring important populist voices to the platform (which right now mostly features centrist or alt-right commentators like Destiny, David Pakman, and Tim Pool). And besides initial set-up, it would require no maintenance — videos would be synced from your Youtube channel automatically.