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Extraterritorial Taxation Policy on the Individual

Can you comment/introduce the US policy of extraterritorial taxation, aka US imposing its tax laws on US citizens and their locally sourced income who are legitimate tax residents of other countries, and its harmful effect on the est 6-9 million Americans abroad? (data estimates the vast majority being middle class). Every country in the world adopts the policy of residence based taxation, except the US and Eritrea. Congressional discussions typically frame everything “overseas” as suspicious, and upcoming infrastructure bill will likely be paired with international tax legislation so it is very relevant to the often overlooked and underrepresented huge constituency that is the working class American abroad. Current American Families Plan seems to be FATCA pt 2 which worries many of Americans Abroad who are still reeling from the original FATCAs effect on them being refused as customers by their local banks, particularly “Accidental Americans.” Would really love to hear your analysis on this issue and why Congress, particularly Democrats, still pushes this antiquated system of extra-territorial taxation in the 21st century.

Please speculate wildly about what actually happened to Epstein.

If you want to, anyway. And hey, no wrong answers here — everything stays between friends.

Political Education

I know the show is the main focus. Could you please so a series on political education i.e. Intro to populism?


Where can I buy a T-shirt?

Can you have Grazyone on to talk about China?

You may disagree on a number of things, but as someone interested in all of your arguments and conflicted, I’d love to hear this dialogue now that you have gone independent.