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BP Publishing and Writing Articles

Huge fan since the Hill days. Quick question, does BP ever see the incorporation of original news articles? As much as I love listening and watching the show, I would love to see BP publishing articles with breaking news and original reporting. Maybe your own Substack? Thanks for all you do!

Presidential immunity

I don't think Trump should be immune for prosecution as you both agree, but do you think we should go after all previous presidents for unlawful acts? Obama ordered drone strikes on US citizens without due process (Anwar Al-Aulaqi) for example. Do you belive congress should go after Obama for 1st degree murder? Every president I can should of should be behind bars if this is the case.

Secretary Austin

Has anyone said anything about what medication Sec.Def was on while making these important strategic decisions for the United States on major pain medication ? Anyone who has had major surgery isn’t give an aspirin or Tylenol. They are on major medication that impairs your judgment and decision making. You can’t run the defense department on morphine or ketamine.

Gaza vs Horse Race

Pre Oct 7 I was shocked at how badly Vivek got skewered just for saying it would be nice if Israel would ever stop needing US aid. I'm wondering, how would the US presidential race be impacted if any candidates came out against Israel now? Biden might appease some progressives enough that they won't stay home, but will he lose centrist voters? Is it basically inconceivable that Trump or any other Republican would oppose Israel? And what about Independent voters and 3rd party candidates?

February 29th annual subscription

It defaults to billing you next year on February 28th. I feel cheated. Kidding. Cheers guys.