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Question For Krystal On Israel

Would you support Trump if he demanded a ceasefire and stopped sending weapons to Israel?

The reddit account of Aaron Bushnell, the Air Force member who lit themselves on fire, has been found. Do it's contents give you concern about the makeup and preparedness of the US military?

This might be best as a segment for Saagar (assuming he'd take more interest in this story), but here's the gist of it: The reddit account of Aaron Bushnell appears to be names AceBush1. You can view the account here: In his posting and comment history, you can find a lot of anti-American and hateful rhetoric towards our nation. Specifically, the most alarming posts I noticed were: 1) Post in which he gleefully celebrates the death of 4 US Army Reserve soldiers who were killed by an attack on our base in Jordan recently: 2) Post in which he says ALL US Military members are bad, and insinuates they're rapists: Note both of these posts were in the ACAB subreddit, so you have a general idea of how radicalized he was. He said in multiple comments that he believes members of the military are worse than cops, and are an evil organization that promote colonialism worldwide. The larger question here is why this nutjob was in the Air Force if these were his beliefs, and how many others like him exist in our military? I find it highly concerning that individuals like this exist in our armed forces, and are likely being promoted through the ranks all while hating every fiber of the Government and people they took an oath to protect. He might be a singular nut, but this is concerning in regards to our national security and preparedness for war while the Biden administration marches us closer and closer to a global conflict with Russia and China. How are we supposed to feel safe when people like this exist and will undoubtedly work to undermine us from within?

Have Jesse Singal on the show.

Please have Jesse Singal on the show to discuss the transgender studies. He's a credible (leftist) journalist who does careful, in-depth reporting on the subject as his whole beat. I'm exhausted with the way the topic is talked about on the show, and Singal can offer a lot of context and nuance.

Vacancy Tax

I live in South Florida, and we are in the middle of a huge housing crisis for locals and immigrants. The dirty secret that we all know is that most of the apartments and neighborhoods act as investments for dirty Russian and South American money. Therefore they sit empty for most if not all of the year. Why would neither party support a vacancy tax? It would add supply to the rental market and sales markets simultaneously. And if it has no impact on that, then we have raised millions of dollars to fix our broken schools. What are the cons of a vacancy tax? Why is the concept not explored or discussed on any major or independent media?

Mental health podcasts

Curious both of your thoughts on the use of mental health services? In the last week, 2 podcasts talked about it and there seems to be a new trend in looking into outcomes. I recommend Abigail Schrier on Rogan and Matt Walsh talking to Jordan Peterson on YouTube. They’re not as partisan as you would think.