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Ben Gurion Canal theory?

I've started to see stories pop up about an alleged plan to build a canal through the remaining occupied territory. Is this conspiracy theory? Outside of one or two odd pieces, I've only seen it discussed in foreign press, but it was written about in Haaretz all the way back in January. I would love your thoughts.

Does the governement actually seek psychopath's for powerful positions?

Saager appeared to me to advocate in the discussion about Kissinger, a necessity for him to succeed as a statesman, to disregard morality in making decisions that ultimately resulted in the deaths of millions. To my knowledge, the ability to do that best fits with the talents of a psychopath. He then went on to say that criticism of him let others off the hook who apparently opperated with the same mental condition – something I can possibly agree with but also suggesting there are a lot of people like that in high places. Do you think the establishment psychologically screens for these people or they find their way there on their own? Do you think we should intentionally be screening for psychopaths in these positions since they are best equipped to make decisions this way or would you suggest we put up certain guard rails to prevent psychopaths from getting into these positions? What might that look like?

Information Censoring Complex Hearing

I would really appreciate coverage of this topic. Here is a link that lays out troubling information.

Ryan's New Book

My copy of "We've Got People" is signed. We going to sell signed copies of the new book from the BP store? 😀

What does a Dem outsider need to do to get the party nomination?

Hello, the recent decision by the Florida Democratic Party, allocating all delegates to Biden without contest, has been startling from a global perspective. Biden's nomination has been streamlined without allowing Floridians their rightful voice in the process. Could you discuss potential strategies for an outsider Democratic candidate to combat this suppression? Was it truly necessary for the Democrats to employ such extreme measures?