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FCC Internet Total Control?!

Long time listener - probably second time writer? Guys, I need some BP-style details on the new Biden admin ruling under the guise of “digital equity”. Seems like an immense assault on free speech and dangerous for podcasts like yours that call out the ruling class. Looking forward to hearing your focus group with Independents - all of these focus groups have really made me feel less alone. We’re all getting f*cked by “the man” and deserve better leadership options. Cheers, Allison

Ted Cruz

Dear Krystal and Saagar, How long did it take for you guys to fumigate the studio after counterpoints interviewed Ted Cruz? Seriously though, what were your thoughts on the interview and exchange over Isreal? What questions would you have asked him and would you ever see him appearing on breaking points?

Mens Lives Matter

When are you going to mention the innocent men that are hostages or have been killed in Gaza? I get it people care about women and children more, but I haven't heard anyone outright say men as it relates to this conflict. I heard Krystal recently refer to men as "other categories of people" when talking about the women and children who have already been released in the hostage negotiations. Those other categories of people being men. I'm usually not one to complain, but I've noticed this trend across all media and social media for the most part. These mens lives have value, and just because you are a military aged male in Gaza doesn't mean you are Hamas, and if you are an Israeli man being held hostage by Hamas your status as a man shouldn't make you any less worthy of saving. MEN are still being held hostage, and MEN are still being killed.

Spotify Wrapped (Apple Replay)

Happy Spotify Wrapped to those celebrate! (Which full disclosure isn’t me, as I have to rely on the far less superior Apple Replay, but enjoy with envy seeing other people share theirs). Saagar shared part of his Spotify Wrapped on Instagram, but the people really need to know, not just his top artist, but also top songs and albums. What did yours look like Krystal (if you have one)? Apple doesn’t include podcasts in the replay, and I watch the show almost exclusively on YouTube anyway, but I know for sure that Breaking Points is my #1 podcast and has been since you were on Rising. Thanks for everything you both do!

CTIL Files: More Details On Censorship

Did you guys read the CTIL Files that Matt Taibbi, Alexandra Gutentag, and Michael Shellenberger published this week? If so, what did you think? If you didn't see them, they're really worth a read. I was entranced by the Twitter Files and the reporting that came out of them about the complicated ways in which government agencies and NGOs all work together to get speech taken off of the internet. Now, according to a glimpse at some of the files provided by a whistleblower, the effort was organized by a bunch of different individuals from intelligence and military contractor backgrounds. I think this is one of the most important fundamental issues right now, as our information environment drives how we think and respond to everything else. What are your thoughts on this and do you intend to give the issue any more coverage in the future? Your coverage of this topic a year ago was pivotal in getting me informed enough to pursue this issue on my own.