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Newsom DeSantis Debate

Will you cover the Newsom-DeSantis debate? Thought it was just a rumor but apparently it’s actually happening.

Info on your partners

I can't remember the names of some former terrific partners of yours. Can you help. One had a website 49/51 or something. Another was fighting monopolies. What are their names? thanks. Julie

The Squad

Not a question. Just feedback for Ryan Grim. First of all fantastic Ted Cruz interview with the time constraints. Secondly I'm glad that you narrated your own book. Looking forward to 13 hrs and 15 mins of time well spent. Thirdly what are you working on next? I guess that is a question. Cheers from Winnipeg!

Future of BP

What are BP's plans for the future? Do you guys plan to expand and continue growing? Do you see yourself capped at a certain size? Also, You guys have upgraded to a new studio, (which looks awesome) are there any more plans to invest in production value? Just overall curious about BP's plans for the next few years. I would also love to hear the ultimate overall vision for BP. Thanks, I love the show, and keep up the good work.

Daily Wire (DW) movies

I would love to hear both your takes (Krystal and Saagar) on DW's new anti-trans "comedy." More broadly what do you think about their moves into movie making in the past couple of years?