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Finkelstein Interview

I thought the most interesting part of the Finkelstein interview was his comparison of the Hamas attack to slave revolts. I was wondering if you think this is a valid comparrison?

Krystal, RE "Haaretz" MIS-Pronunciation

RE "Haaretz" Pronunciation I was watching and I Saw you and ALL the other hosts, struggling with the correct pronunciation > Think of "Haaretz" as having a hyphen "Ha-aretz" as it is really two words in Hebrew (A language that doesn't use spaces between words in sentences.) Haaretz in Hebrew means "The Land" Proper Pronunciation is > Ha (the) Are-etz (Land) (2 Words Total 3 Syllables. In the 2nd word, 2 syllables with the 2nd rising.) Keep up the great and Honest coverage!

Kissinger and Saagar

Really?? I am often amused by Saagar's youth, enthusiasm and naivety. He mocks things just as we all did when we were young, idealistic, hopeful and still relatively new to the world and that's ok. But, defending Henry Kissinger, mass murderer supreme! No! There were other good players on the teams that Tom Brady played on but Brady was the best of them. His records stand. There were other despicable members of Nixon's cabinet. Kissinger was the worst of them. His record stands. All the supposed good that he mentionsKissinger might well have been done by others. Sorry Kid, you just lost a lot of respect.

Speculate on What will happen if Netanyahu is deposed

Hi Krystal and Saagar, I would love for you to speculate what will happen when Netanyahu is deposed. Who might replace him, realistically? Are they better or worse? Who would be better (more compassionate) and who would be worse? You've often repeated that Netanyahu has no desire for the creation of a Palestinian state, do any of his replacements have an openness to one ?

Insurance Premiums - Home & Auto

Hi Krystal & Saagar - Would love to hear a segment where you (or one of your partners) investigate and discuss the insane rip-offs going on within home and auto insurance. It's all people in my community are talking about - auto insurance premiums increasing by 17-20% "nationwide" and homeowners insurance skyrocketing too, despite living in a relatively weather-neutral area (Delaware Valley near Philadelphia, not near a body of water, not on a flood plane, etc.). Absolutely nothing has changed re: coverage or conditions and it's hundreds of extra dollars each month, which makes a huge difference and I think people should be talking about it.