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State of Israel

The State of Israel was created by the UN. Israel may be rightful viewed as a colonial occupier but at the behest of the UN and other western powers. It was also set up as two separate countries. That was reject by the Palestinians. Why isn’t this narrative expressed?

RFKJr's & Gaza

Please ask RFKJr about his position on the Gaza war.

A holiday observation.

This question is for Saagar. After completing a fine holiday meal with family and friends and stepping out to the backyard for a drink. Why is it that it's only the Republicans who have the Cuban cigars? I mean it's never the socialist UC Berkeley nephew who has been hanging out at People's Park, although they usually bring other things to smoke. Could this be a peace offering from the right to a brother who they know reads Chomsky? What are your thoughts? Dave Novato, CA

The UN has lost all credibility...

"Hostages held in homes of Hamas-sympathizer UNRWA employees" Ignored rape...

How to BP actually looked at the videos most likely shown to Elon Musk, or those private screenings that have been protested?

"Elon COZIES UP To Bibi, Floats Gaza RE-EDUCATION" ... I sincerely can't believe this was the actual title of your video... Hey Krystal, how about you actually watch what Elon was most likely shown? (Warning, highly disturbing, gory, and upsetting videos of the deaths live streamed by Hamas on October 7th). Yeah... One of these videos is of a pregnant woman getting gutted, and others of Hamas saying these aren't for hostages but for rape. How about you actually bring on some people that aren't just going to giggle with you about how evil Israel is? Like the son of Hamas' co-founder, Mosab Hassan Yousef; who has spoken at length about his experiences growing up in who has spoken at length about his experiences growing up in in Gaza, and what he was subjected to with regards to indoctrination. I really have lost all respect that I had for you Krystal, and really this platform as a whole. I had such high hopes for you guys when you came off of the Rising, I couldn't have subscribed fast enough, but now I regret having funded you at all... And it is abundantly clear that you don't actually look at these pages, because I am clearly not the only one venting my frustration here.