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Scott Ritter

Have you considered interviewing Scott Ritter about Gaza?

Books and Movies on shelves in background of set?

Can you put a link somewhere, maybe in the Youtube description, of the books / movies that are on the shelves in the backgrounds of both shows? I find myself trying to squint on fullscreen to figure out what they are.

Has BP actually seen the behind closed doors videos of the October 7th massacre?

I feel like for all the bluster, it might be important that BP see the video that changed Elon Musk 's mind. "Israel shows Hamas bodycam attack footage to journalists" You can find a lot of the videos if you go looking for them...

I hope you're all happy....

Well, there it is. The Pro-Genocide rhetoric you've all been seeking. Ted Cruz's delusions of grandeur were wildly appalling - "being antizionist is being antisimetic." Just wow. He said the quiet part out loud with his hypocrisy on condemning civilian deaths in Israel, but not Palestine because they are "qualitatively" not the same. Interesting. I certainly wish Krystal had been the one to interview him. Not because Ryan and Emily didn't do a great job but I would have enjoyed her calling out his cognitive dissonance. I didn't think I could think less of him until today. Disgusting.

Social security solvent?

We hear some people insist that it will fail within a decade. My question is why? We know that our government started borrowing from the fund since Regan. But have those IOUs been paid back?