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AI - Actual Corporate Issue

Hey guys, Tech worker here. Your segment on AI was interesting but you missed 2 key points: Q allegedly has advanced mathematical reasoning abilities, which would indicate that the pace of innovation is getting us closer to models that can both predict the next word and solve mathematical problems better than a human. Cryptography and the fabric of the modern world will have to be rewritten to start if these models can actually do this, scary stuff if you think longer term. Secondly, your point about Corporate greed and governance was spot on but the real power these corporations will have is over the foundational models that are then fine-tuned over. Similar to how AWS shut down right wing media companies after J6, they will also be able to shut down your access to their model or nerf you if you don’t agree. There is a lot of hype but the concern should be around foundational model companies nerfing smaller competitors that fine-tune on the foundational models who may have a better product market fit that are growing rapidly. The competitive landscape is going to shift in time because the best products and use cases will win out if allowed… but right now the most compelling use case for AI is TikTok and that should scare you. Love you guys, keep up the great work.

Mark Cuban President

Hey Krystal and Saagar, I saw recently that Mark Cuban is selling a majority stake in the Mavericks and leaving Shark Tank. Someone jokingly said on Twitter that he’s running for President, but I was curious your thoughts on a potential run from Mark Cuban for President? Thanks!!

Beyond the Echo Chamber

Hi Breaking Points team, I’m a regular listener of Breaking Points and greatly appreciate the depth and thoughtfulness the team brings to each episode! My question is In a news landscape often dominated by repetitive themes — mass shootings, war, economic disparity and political distrust — I’m curious about your personal approaches. How do each of you, as individual journalists, continually find fresh perspectives on these stories? Also thoughts on putting the AMA questions on the screen as you read them? :)

Feedback email request - not an ask me anything link

Is there an email or link where I can address my complete displeasure and shock at the direction this show is going in, in particular, with the insufferable Krystal?

Pet food

Have you guys looked into pet food recently? Over the last 2-3 years, a majority of pet food brands have raised prices anywhere between 60-100%. It's getting outrageous.