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Grusch and the Saagar's confusion...

Again, not a question but a direction of study. If you study ALL of Dr. Steven Greer's vast available information your confusion will be cleared up. You will understand that Grusch is not a first hand witness and is speculating about some of the knowledge that others have given him. You will understand that he probably is being targeted by some in the system that want to discredit him even over his paltry 2nd hand evidence. You will also choose to dismiss his testimony in favor of HUNDREDS of other witnesses that are verified, credible first hand accounts. Most of all, you will understand why the technology advancements seem to not have been developed and become widespread. Please watch Dr. Steven Greer's many videos (on youtube), watch his movies (The Lost Century will answer the technology questions), and read his books. You are close, but need to be looking in the right place...

Dem Debate

What would the logistics look like to make this happen? We need to hear these candidates speak. Krystal mentioned hosting a debate and I think it would help the show with exposure, but also help people make educated decisions on who they want to vote for in the primary.

Israel Follow Ups

I started listening to Breaking Points because I felt that this show does the BEST job at explaining both sides in an unbiased manner on all issues. Unfortunately, the Israel Palestine war has fallen well short of this standard. I completely understand the passion that Krystal brings to the topic and it is clear to all where she stands and I do not blame her or ask that she change in any manner. However, the Israeli perspective or even the 'devil's advocate' sake of argument is completely lacking and when one host feels so strongly and uses so much air time voicing one side, giving the other side a voice becomes even more important. On today's episode, Saager briefly mentioned the hospital attack that most are confirming was a failed rocket launched by Hamas, but Krystal quickly and vehemently objects and Saager quickly moves on. I believe the audience would greatly benefit from hearing some of these disputes. The Al Shifa hospital raid at the outset had minimal evidence that backed Israel's claims and justification for the raid and much air time was spent discussing this and the show was rightfully critical of Israel at the time. Since then much more has come to light and no mention of any of the updated information has been made. Much of it had occurred over a weekend so when Monday came around I had looked forward to hearing an updated take from BP but unfortunately, it was and has not been revisited. Broadly, it seems BP is quick to criticize Israel as actions are taken, jumps on news that is primarily disseminated by Hamas, but never revisits as more Israeli friendly information surfaces. In an environment where propaganda is aggressively being pushed by both sides, Krystal's passionate defense of Palestinians and criticism of Israel leaves the audience almost completely void of many reasonable and justifiable arguments in support of Israel. Will there be any effort to try and even slightly balance the coverage?


Do you have any odd or festive ties?

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Have either of you ever changed your stance on an issue or moved toward your counterparts view based on these discussions? Are you changing each others thinking? Building consensus on the thorny issues of our day? If so, could you offer an example?