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Kennedy/Gabbard 2024??

What do you think? Should RFK round out his ticket by asking another apostate from the Dems to join him? Please speculate irresponsibly.

Chinese Tier 3 Suppler Influence and "Cultural Imperatives"

Most Americans have heard of ESG. However, few Americans working in global corporations do not know how supply chains relate to the changing corporate values of where they work. Can you please shed some light on this? Thank you.

Rosalynn Carter's Legacy and Presidential Quality

With the recent passing of Rosalynn Carter, I believe it would be interesting to find out both Krystal and Saagar's "Mount Rushmore" of First Ladies and why? As an additional question of reflection: it seems there is a general consensus that Jimmy Carter has done exponentially more for humanity in his time after his presidency than his time as president, and his presidency is generally viewed as a failure for many different reasons (reasons that are both attributed as his fault and not his fault). I personally contrast him to LBJ who was known as an A-Hole, but an A-Hole that was able to manipulate much of his political power to pass considerable "Great Society" domestic legislative pieces that were amazing for the whole of American society. On a personal level, hypothetically, would you (Krystal & Saagar) rather see presidents of genuine ethical, moral, and civic purity (a good person with their heart and ambition in it for the right reasons) that perform the duties of president mediocre to slightly above average? Or would you rather see presidents of dubious personal quality (slimeballs/those narcissistic enough to solely crave the title) that perform either miserably or superbly?

War, bombing, and "creating terrorists"

Krystal, You have made the point many times now that when Israel calls in massive airstrikes, it is creating terrorists out of the surviving victims of those strikes who lose family, loved ones, and their homes. I believe that you have suggested the same about bombing campaigns in Yemen as well as other American misadventures in the Middle East (forgive me if I am mistaken here). By contrast, I don't recall ever hearing that claim with regard to Ukrainian victims of Russian atrocities, for example, or more generally in wars outside Muslim-majority regions of the world. I don't think that you intend it in this way, but the suggestion often leaves me uneasy insofar as it depicts Arabs as congenital future terrorists, just one drone strike away from joining the Jihadists, in a way that is not assumed about non-Muslim-majority ethnic groups. My question is to what degree this idea reflects a universal concern about victims of modern warfare and to what degree it is (unintentionally) a racist or Islamophobic topos made to look like the former. Perhaps it is something else and I am off-base in my understanding here. Would appreciate hearing you unpack this a bit. Best wishes, Joshua

Connection between Economy and Military Industrial Complex

Can you please explore with a good economist like Steve Hanke what the connection is between the huge military spending and the decline of the American working class. If we reduce our military expenditures by half and invested these funds in infrastructure projects here at home, wouldn't that revitalize the working class?