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“Theater Kids Run the World”

Would love to hear Sagaar’s reaction (as a retired theater kid) to the NYT article that “Grown Up Theater Kids Run the World.” The only thing better would be finding out Krystal’s an ex-theater kid too…

Can you have on zizek?

I think Zizek would be an entertaining guest and your show would be a great forum for him to reach people who wouldn’t normally be exposed to a philosopher of his kind.

9/11 Truth and the Media

Hi Crystal and Saagar, Since there has been a complete media blackout on any 9/11 alternate theories, you guys are my only hope. Have you heard of Richard Gage, the founder of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth? He claims building 7 and the twin towers were brought down by a controlled demolition and the proof is the signs of hot sulfur corrosion caused by thermite. Have either of you ever gone down this rabbit hole and would you ever do a segment on this to find out the answers to our lingering questions about what really happened on 9/11?

Increasing Debate reach

Hi Krystal & Saagar, It's obvious to me that if you increase the reach of the debates in the first place it would make them matter more. Just stream the debates on Twitch & Youtube Live etc.. and it'll guarantee a wider audience across a much broader demographic. The MSM obviously don't want this cause it impacts their revenue. Do you think there will be a time where a number of candidates go "rogue" and just decide to host their own debates on an actual modern platform ? The fact that someone hasn't already done to me seems like a miss from a political standpoint as well, i bet it would be super popular.

Teacher Unions

I'm a NYC teacher and not a fan of our union leadership. I wish that wasn’t the case. Most teachers I talk with agree that leadership doesn't push City Hall enough- sometimes seemingly working against members interests (like recent attempts at retiree healthcare changes). How do situations like this come about? And what can be done (current leadership seems so entrenched)? I know how Public School Unions can keep up bad situations and poor teachers on payroll. But most teachers I know work hard and want representation that speaks for us and allows us to better serve our students and families. PS I'd love more Education policy coverage (stories like Columbia University dissolving its Reading and Writing project, who is profiting from so many standardized testing, overabundance of IEPs. Any partners you can guide us to or you can work with? (please keep anonymous, thanks)