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Factual error, US doesn't supply majority military aid

Saagar reported to day that the US supplied the vast majority of military aid to Ukraine. The media usually talks like this is the case, but it actually isn't the case. The US provides about 42 billion and the rest of the worlds military aid combined to Ukraine is about 50 billion. Saagar says "the vast, vast majority" of ukranian military aid ifs from the US, which certainly isn't true.,changes%20in%20the%20country%20rankings. scroll down to a little above the middle of the page (to where it says "Government support to Ukraine: and look at the pie chart of total military aid, broken down by countrys. There is a drop down menu in the upper right where you can select "type" and you cant select military. These numbers might not be the end all be all, Saagar might disagree with some of the accounting, but theres no way you could realistical get to "The US provides the vast, vast majority of military aid" to Ukraine being a true statement.

What happened to the shows Instagram presence?

I share a lot of news... and memes on Instagram. I would like to share a segment now and again but nothing has been posed in nearly 6 months. I know the my friends won't open an off platform link. Any plans to start posting again?

Why are democrats so bad at branding their positions?

Take for instance the student loan debt and cancellation issue. This is a real problem to our nation and I believe this will haunt us for many years to come. I don't think the restart of payments will go smoothly at all and I suspect this president (and perhaps future ones) will find ways to kick the can down the line (like the so-called "ramp-up" which as far as I can tell, is just a delay tactic for political convenience). Make no mistake, this so-called ramp-up is just going to increase the debt (interest) of the poor people who will try it. As soon as Republicans started crying "Shouldn't forgive the debt of lawyers and doctors who make a lot of money" and/or "why taxpayers who did not go to college have to pay for someone else's education" the Democrats folded. Doctors and Lawyers ARE TAX PAYERS. And if they were rich they wouldn't have student loans to begin with. Part of the problem is that as soon as you start getting some money, the government start taking increasingly larger chunks, even before you get a breather to pay your debts first. What's wrong with making all student loan payments be a tax credit? Why not put Republicans in a position where they need to vote against tax credits and tax relief? Why are Democrats so spineless? The whole point of a tax system is to contribute to society, not necessarily to contribute to your individual needs. I don't have kids yet my taxes go to schools. A teacher making 50k pays about 5k in federal income tax. Assuming a loan of ~20k If the same teacher could get credit for paying his/her loans, the loans could be paid off in less than 5 years without touching a single penny of any other taxpayer and without screwing his/her budget in any way.

Trumps fault?

Is Donald Trump partly to blame for the current inflationary period/economic turmoil? He brags of his economic record, yet during the time when the economy was booming, why didn’t he raise rates? The economy could’ve handled a few hikes with no issue and it would’ve given the fed another tool during the pandemic instead of just direct checks

Addendum to previous comment ukraine military aid

Just an addendum to the previous comment pointing out Saagars factual error in reportign that the US has given "the vast, vast majority of all military aid Ukraine" Of The 50 or so billion that makes up the non us militayr aid to ukraine, the only nonEuropean country that makes a listed contribution is Canada, at 1.66 billion. If you take off the military aid from EU institutions, european military aid is about equal to us aid, but that support from eu insitutions (that buys military equipmet for ukraine) is real support, it doesnt just come from thin air, it has to come somewhere, and its not coming from the US or Asia, its coming from Europe. Either way there is no universe where "the vast vast majority of military aid comes from the US" That is just obviously a completely fictious statement (vast majority implies like 80 or 90% and its pretty questionable if you can even get to a simple majority for US aid) This is proving Saagars claims need to be taken with skepticism, and maybe Breaking points would be well served hiring a fact checker. Independent media can do better than this