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How morally gray do Ukranian civilians think defending their nation is?

Saagar and Krystal talk like the brutal Ukranian invasion and occupation is "morally gray" I have a question for them, how morally gray do you think Ukranians see the defense of their country from a brutal foreign invasion? I'll remind you that The Donbas and Crimea dont apply to this, the Ukranians already had a ceasefire there before the 2022 invasion (and many of them also dont want to be occupied by Russia). Do the common people in Ukraine think, "well our government is just as bad so its al kind of morally gray?" The answer is obvious, overwhelmingly the common man and woman in Ukraine sees the brutal invasion and brutal occupation in black and white. Do Krystal and Saagar really think their moral posturing, from across the atlantic (or from anywere outside of Ukraine really) means anything compared to what the common people that actually have to live through the consequences of a brutal invasion and brutal occupation think? " Krystal and Saagar seem to take the Russian line and think its as easy as just calling Ukraine a few names, trying to focus on some faults ukraine has, and walla, all the sudden its "morally gray" if people should be able to defend itself from a brutal foreign invasion and foreign occupation. Quite frankly its disgusting how Saagar obviously heavily implies that because Ukraine has issues with corruption, it is less deserving of being able to defend itself from a brutal invasion and occupation, even in the slightest way, or any less of a crime when that happens. This doesn't mean that we are obligated to pay for Ukraine defense, obviously there are horrific atrocities all over the world and we need to focus on our own interests, but it seems like Saagar and Krystal really feel the need to try to compensate for their position on aid, and it really just ends uo making their posture a lot worse.

Conservative Fitness

Recently I've noticed that many conservative and libertarian standard bearers seem to be at the forefront of a push toward personal fitness, while it seems folks on the left are pushing a "body positive" narrative. So, are Republicans not "fat cats" anymore? Poor Rush Limbaugh is spinning in his grave.

YouTube Community Polls?

Hi! You guys used to do community polls on YouTube. I loved that feature, it's so interesting to see the diversity in thought with you listeners. Would love to see you do these again!


Hi guys, Great show. In the early days of the podcast, you used to mention when certain segments were being demonetized by YouTube. I know it is not as important due to your independent financial model. However, I found it very interesting which segments were being demonetized. Could return to periodically mentioning which segments are being flagged. I've always been fascinated by this and would like more information as the election gets closer. Thanks Jim Hively

YouTube Limiting Video Resolution

I'm not sure if it's just for me, but is YouTube limiting the resolution on your videos for browsers that aren't Google Chrome? I'm watching on Microsoft Edge, though I'm sure with all of the antitrust issues Google is facing right now they wouldn't be engaging in anticompetitive practices to drive people to their browser (right?). The one thing I'm not sure about is the fact that videos from other channels don't seem to have the same issue with resolution.